Catholic University semester and summer programs have the following costs and payments:

  • Application Fee

    A non-refundable payment due at the time of application. Students applying to multiple programs within the same term are only required to pay one application fee, and should contact the Office of Education Abrod for details. The fee is paid within the online application system.


  • Deposit 

    After being accepted to a study abroad program, students must submit a deposit to confirm their intent to participate. Depending on the program, this may be paid to Catholic University or to the program provider. If paid to Catholic University, the deposit is submitted within the online application system. In either case, the deposit is credited towards the total program fee.


  • Program Fee 

    All students going abroad are charged a program fee. In most cases, the program fee will cover the costs of housing, international health insurance, and emergency evacuation insurance. Many programs include additional benefits such as a meal plan, transportation pass, laundry facilities, etc. Airfare, visa costs, and personal expenses are generally not included. This fee is posted to the student's bill alongside tuition, and can be paid via Cardinal Financials.


  • Tuition 

    Semester students are charged full-time tuition and must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 US credits. Participants on summer programs are billed for tuition based on the number of credits they are earning abroad. Students in the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies may have additional fees, and should contact the Office of Education Abroad for more information. Tuition may be paid through Cardinal Financials.

    For the exact costs of each of the above items, consult the estimated budget sheet linked to the top of each program page.


  • Financial Aid

    The financial aid application process is the same whether studying on campus or attending an affiliated program abroad, and in most cases aid will be applied in an identical manner. More information is available on the CUAbroad Financial Aid webpage. For questions, students should consult their financial aid advisor.


Non-Catholic University Students

Students from other universities are welcome to apply for Catholic University-administered programs. Billing is identical to what is outlined for participants above, and if requested in advance can be sent directly to a student's home institution. Applicants should consult their own institution's study abroad office for additional rules and guidance.

Non-Catholic University Programs

As a rule, Catholic University students may only participate on affiliated study abroad programs. In the rare instance that a non-affiliated program is approved, students pay an application fee (see above), as well as a Non-Affiliated Program Administrative fee, which is charged to the student's account and may be paid via Cardinal Financials. All other program costs are paid directly to the provider university or organization according to their policies. Catholic University grants and scholarship awards do not apply to non-affiliated programs. State and federal financial aid may apply, but participants must contact the Office of Financial Assistance in order to make the necessary arrangements.