Catholic University Programs

From the Flagship center in Rome to the British Parliamentary Internship in London, CatholicU Programs make studying abroad convenient. Students enroll in courses, learn under faculty, and earn credit towards graduation while having the experience of a lifetime. Several options include program-specific scholarships, reduced program fees, and/or other added benefits.

CatholicU Faculty-led Programs are among the best study abroad offerings for many reasons. For students who have never been outside of the US, these short-term programs act as an introduction to study abroad. They are typically, and conveniently, offered either during spring break or in the early summer. Additionally, these programs are led by faculty - the same professors students know and love.

Partner Programs

CUAbroad maintains an expansive network of international partnerships and program providers. These relationships provide an opportunity to offer participants the maximum number of study abroad locations and courses without sacrificing quality, care, or student support. Partner Programs are not managed by Catholic University, however, so students applying to these programs must go through a credit approval process.

Exchange Programs

CUAbroad establishes partnerships with universities and institutions of higher learning around the world. Exchange Programs frequently give students the widest array of course options and often have a program fee lower than that of partner programs. At the same time, exchanges create the opportunity for international students to spend a semester studying at Catholic University.

Summer Institutes

For many students, spending a semester abroad can be difficult due to personal, financial, or course scheduling restrictions. The Catholic University Summer Institutes, which continue to grow in number, have been created as a more feasible way of having that crucial study abroad experience. The Summer Institutes are designed and managed by CUA faculty and staff, which aids in keeping the program costs affordable.

International Internships

Many students choose to complete an International Internship. CUAbroad has partnered with a variety of programs to offer students diverse opportunities for working, learning, and building a stronger resume abroad. Internships are available in the fields of politics, business, communications, fine art, and more. The internship is the primary focus of the program in some locations, whereas in others, it may be an optional component. Interested students should research programs thoroughly to learn about specific guidelines and offerings.

Honors Programs

Honors Programs are among the most rigorous and rewarding that study abroad has to offer. Participants are challenged to seek out new perspectives and go more deeply into their fields of study, often engaging in independent research. Sharing ideas, presenting and defending original arguments, and being self-motivated are requirements for success. These unique study abroad offerings are ideal for students in the University Honors Program, but are open to all who demonstrate the necessary motivation and capability.