All students are required to attend two pre-departure orientations the semester before beginning the education abroad program. The general pre-departure orientation provides students with information on health, safety, and credit transfer. It also gives students an opportunity to hear from their peers who have already completed an education abroad program. The program-specific pre-departure orientation provides individualized and detailed information on the specific, country, city, and educational institution that the student will be attending.

Friday, November 3rd

Hannan Hall 106

This orientation is mandatory for accepted Catholic University students who wish to participate in an education abroad programs. If students have class during this time, they should attend class and notify CUAbroad immediately. Students who have work, internships, sports, or other events scheduled during this time must reschedule their activities and arrange to come to the orientation. There will be a make-up orientation for students with a class conflict:

Make-Up Pre-Departure Orientation:

Students who do not attend the general pre-departure orientation will automatically be notified of the need to attend the make-up session. If students also have class during the make-up orientation, they must contact CUAbroad to arrange an individual pre-departure orientation session.