Education Abroad is Affordable

Most students find that the cost of education abroad can be surprisingly affordable, especially considering how much is included (tuition, accommodation, pre-departure advising and orientation, on-site orientation, field trips, transcript, health and emergency evacuation insurance and more).

Catholic University students participating in administered or affiliated programs are able to use most forms of financial aid - with the exception of federal work-study - to help pay for their programs. This all is based on the fact that you will be earning credit toward your degree. Therefore, it is extremely important that you pay attention to academic planning and have all your courses pre-approved by the appropriate official.

Cost of a Semester Abroad vs Living On Campus

Semester Abroad Semester at Catholic University
CUAbroad Application Fee $100 --
Catholic University Full Time Tuition $19,600 $19,600
Education Abroad Program Fee $5,000* --
Housing -- $3,556-$5,115
Meals $0-$2,750 $485-$2,825
Student Activity Fee -- $100
Technology Fee $150 $150
Total: $24,850-$27,600 $23,891-$27,790
Estimated Additional Expenses Semester Abroad Semester at Catholic University
Transportation $900-$1600 $500
Passport & Pictures $150 --
* The program fee may vary depending on each program. In most cases, the program fee covers overseas housing, any mandatory meal plan - if offered - health and emergency evacuation insurance, pre-departure and on-site orientation, and other costs not directly associated with tuition plus administrative costs. Airfare, meals, and visa costs are not generally included. Please see each program's website for detailed information about what is included.


Myth vs Reality

Myth: Education Abroad will be more expensive than a semester at Catholic University.

Reality: Education abroad programs (including housing and meals) usually are comparable in cost to a semester at Catholic University and are often more affordable than living on campus!

Check out the Rome Program

Myth: My financial aid and scholarships won't cover the cost of education abroad.

Reality: All loans, grants, and scholarships other than work-study will apply to the cost of affiliated programs abroad. Students can even apply for increased financial aid to offset additional costs like meals and airfare. Payment plans continue to work while abroad.

Myth: There are no scholarships or other sources of funding available for education abroad.

Reality: There are numerous scholarships available for students interested in education abroad. Last year, Catholic University students were awarded $99,565 in education abroad scholarships and discounts. The key to receiving a Catholic University or national scholarship is to begin researching options early, as the most prestigious and lucrative scholarships can have application deadlines a year or more in advance. Fall semester programs, non-traditional locations, and diverse student populations have better chances of obtaining funding. It pays to be flexible, so come talk to CUAbroad to find out about your options!