Withdrawal from Education Abroad Programs


Education Abroad Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy

Please visit the Law School website for their specific Cancellation & Refund Policy.


All applicants are strongly encouraged to review the program details and eligibility requirements and their ability to pay for the program before applying for a program. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances make it necessary for a student to withdraw from a program after the non-refundable deposit has been paid and the intent to participate has been confirmed. If this happens, accepted applicants in education abroad programs administered by or affiliated with CUAbroad must follow the posted cancellation and withdrawal policy. These guidelines apply to both Catholic University and non-Catholic University participants as well as to all programs, regardless of length. Catholic University partner institutions whose students participate in Catholic University programs abroad must make these guidelines available to their students and appropriate school officials.


Participants who wish to cancel their intent to participate in a program must provide official written notification by email. The reasons for withdrawal from the program must be stated and supporting documentation must be provided. Participants themselves are responsible for this notification. Notification must come from the student's official Catholic University of America email account or an alternate email address on file with CUAbroad and at the time of application. No verbal statements of withdrawal will be accepted as official. Email notification should be sent to: global-strategies@cua.edu. Please note that in addition to the non-refundable application fee and program deposit, students may also be charged a cancellation and withdrawal fee according to the stated policy.


Catholic University students who cancel or withdraw from an education abroad program are subject to the Catholic University of America Education Abroad Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy (see above). Students wishing to appeal the cancellation/withdrawal fee must submit a written petition addressed to the Director of Education Abroad and the Vice Provost for Global Strategies. CUAbroad will review the appeal and forward it to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies or the Dean of Graduate Studies for final review and recommendation. CUAbroad will then communicate the appeal decision to the student.