Conflict in Ukraine

In light of Russia's recent military action against Ukraine, The Education Abroad Office is strongly encouraging all students who are abroad to reconsider travel outside of their host country. Any student determined on international travel should document their plans in the Cardinal GoAbroad Application using the “Register Side Trip” function. 

Our office will continue to monitor the situation closely. You may read more about the situation in Ukraine on the US State Department Website. For a complete list of Travel Advisories in Europe, students and their families should consult this State Department page and consider registering for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).


Education Abroad: A Life-Changing Adventure

By deciding to study abroad, you will be embarking on an adventure that will change your life and broaden your understanding of the world.

Catholic University offers a wide array of programs, including semester-long, full-year, summer, and spring break options. You can choose to focus on language study, internship, service-learning or work opportunities. The CUAbroad office will help you select the program and location that best matches your interests and educational goals.

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