Re-Entry Advice

The Re-Entry Handbook is a great resource for returning students, as it goes over steps you should take upon returning as well as strategies for adjustment.

When you are ready, there are many ways you can get involved in the Catholic University community to share your experience and help other students going through the same process! 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Can I study abroad again?

A: There are always opportunities to study abroad again! It's not uncommon for students at The Catholic University of America to study abroad multiple times in their academic careers, including all different combinations of summer, winter break, spring break, and semester programs.

Q: Are there education abroad options after graduation?

A: Yes! CUAbroad has many options for graduate students looking to study abroad including short-term and semester programs. If you are considering graduate school outside the U.S., overseas universities may be able to offer you high prestige programs at lower costs than most U.S. institutions. Contact the Center for Career and Academic Success and the Office of Education Abroad for more information.

Q: My credits haven't been posted yet or have been posted improperly, what should I do?

A: Be patient! Transcripts can take several months to arrive at Catholic University and then be posted to your student account. If it has been more than 3 months, contact the Office of Education Abroad for assistance. 

If your credits have been posted improperly, contact the Transfer Credit Coordinator ( with a copy of your credit approval form, which can be found in your Cardinal Go Abroad application. 

Q: How can I use this experience to get a job?

A: Adding this experience to your resume can increase your employability in the United States as well as abroad. The Center for Career and Academic Success offers services to help you with this. Past study abroad students have leveraged their international experience to land jobs within the Department of State, Department of Defense, and international business. There are also many employment opportunities overseas. You might even consider starting a career in International Education! More information about this and other options can be found in the Re-Entry Handbook.