Re-Entry Handbook

The Re-Entry Handbook includes a checklist for completing the education abroad experience as well as advice for adjusting back to life on campus and in the U.S. The first step to reacclimating is acknowledging that re-entry is part of your overseas experience. When you are ready, there are also many ways for you to get involved back on campus and share your experience!

Completing Your Experience

  • Program Evaluation. Please complete and return your program evaluation to the Study Abroad Center within 30 days after you return Program Evaluation Form. Email if you have not received a link to the online program evaluation.
  • Reflective Essay. Write an essay of no more than one or two pages that summarizes your experience and reflects on what you have learned while away from home. This essay will be made available - without revealing your name - to other students interested in participating in the same program in the future.
  • Exit Interview. Schedule a half hour appointment for a brief interview with the Director of Education Abroad or the Education Abroad Advisor either in person or over the telephone. It will give you a chance to ask any questions and to provide feedback regarding the program and the services received.
  • Official Transcript. If you receive a foreign transcript at the end of your program, please check with the CUAbroad Office to ensure that your official transcript is received from your host institution and that it is evaluated for transfer in a timely fashion. While abroad - and especially after your return - you will also want to speak with your faculty advisor to make sure that coursework taken abroad is applied properly toward requirements for graduation.