Health & Emergency Evacuation Insurance
CUAbroad covers all students traveling abroad with a mandatory comprehensive foreign travel insurance coverage through FrontierMEDEX. CUAbroad collects all required information from students and submits the requests for the coverage to FrontierMEDEX. Catholic University students participating on education abroad programs have the FrontierMEDEX insurance automatically included in their CUAbroad program fee. Students are provided with their insurance card before departure.

Health & Safety Resources

International Student Identity Card
The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) offers a variety of discounts and benefits on travel-related services and products. It also provides travel insurance and some limited emergency evacuation and repatriation benefits for student travelers. Students may purchase an ISIC card from CUAbroad for $25.

Medications & Prescriptions
A traveler going abroad with a preexisting medical problem should carry a letter from the attending physician, describing the medical condition and any prescription medications, including the generic names of prescribed drugs. Any medications being carried overseas should be left in their original containers and be clearly labeled.

Students who wear eyeglasses should take an extra pair with them. Medicines and and extra eyeglasses should be packed in hand luggage so they will be available in case the checked luggage is lost. To be extra secure, pack a backup supply of medicines and an additional pair of eyeglasses in the checked luggage.

Students with allergies, reactions to certain medications, foods, or insect bites, or other unique medical problems should consider wearing a "medical alert" bracelet. Students may also wish to carry a letter from their physician explaining required treatment should they become ill.

Students should ensure that their vaccinations are up to date and will remain so throughout the program. Visit the CDC website to learn about recommended immunizations by country.

Students with physical, health, or psychological accommodation needs due to a disability, are strongly encouraged to disclose this information to the CUAbroad office during the application process in order to ensure that their needs can be met. Students registered with Disability Support Services who are eligible for on-campus accommodation are also eligible for overseas accommodation when it can be arranged. Students are encouraged to speak with their study abroad advisers and request a copy of their accommodation letter to determine if their particular education abroad program can provide them with reasonable academic accommodations.

More information for students with disabilities