Academic Benefits

  • Credit is earned towards your student's degree while overseas.
  • Students have the opportunity to take classes that are not offered at CUA, classes that are unique to a country and its culture.
  • Students receive a more well-rounded education that better prepares them for this increasingly global world as they experience the higher education systems of other countries, which are often very different.
  • Academic inspiration is known to set in. The experiences students have while studying abroad often ignites their interest in academic pursuits, and they often return home with new research interests.
  • Education abroad break the monotony of regular university life and equips your student with the real-life, hands-on skills that no classroom can match. Plus, it gives them a great opportunity to travel overseas.
  • Taking classes in a foreign language helps students master a particular language as they are completely immersed in the language and its everyday use in a variety of situations.

Social and Cultural Benefits

  • Students also learn to depend on themselves, as well as how to ask questions and be proactive, and provide and solicit help.
  • Living and studying overseas fosters a sense of teamwork in students, as the group they travel with gets tighter as they experience the challenges of a multicultural situation together.
  • Spending extended time in a foreign country tends to open students' eyes wider when they look at the world. They tend to be more reflective about their own culture and what that culture has instilled in them.
  • Your student is likely to have increased respect for other cultures and appreciate the differences between cultures.
  • This openness to different approaches makes them better problem solvers and team players.
  • Increased self confidence
  • More independence and maturity

Professional Benefits

  • Employers often seek employees with the ability to speak other languages or understand other cultures.
  • Studying abroad is imperative for students who wish to enter international business, and employers look for the skills study abroad students have, such as communication, analytical abilities, teamwork and flexibility
  • In order to stand out, your student needs to offer something different, and studying abroad achieves that.

The information above is provided by IIE Passport's Parent Resource Center.

Learning More

Students have numerous opportunities to learn about education abroad thorough activities, information sessions, and fairs organized by CUAbroad

Annual Education Abroad Fair