Students are responsible for ensuring that the program in which they participate sends an official transcript with course grades directly to the CUAbroad office. Students will receive a notification when their transcript has been received by CUAbroad.

Reverse Culture Shock

When students return home, they may have difficulties readjusting to their environment, and resuming relationships with friends and family. This may be a period of varying emotions that can often be disruptive to the student and their family. Not all students experience reverse culture shock, and some experience very little reverse culture shock.

Academic & Career Development

Students often have a better idea of their career plans and interests after studying abroad. Students are encouraged to visit the Career Services office to learn how they can present their education abroad experience as a valuable career development opportunity on their resume, and when speaking to employers.

Program Evaluation

All students are asked to complete the Program Evaluation Form after returning from abroad. The completion of this form is vitally important because it allows CUAbroad to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of its education abroad programs, in order to ensure that students have the best experience possible.

Re-Entry Gathering

To assist with the transition period of getting used to living in the U.S. again, CUAbroad encourages students attend the annual re-entry gathering. Students have the opportunity to share their experiences and learn how to put their newly-gained cultural competence to use. Representatives from Career Services may be on hand to talk with students about applying education abroad experience to future careers.

Get Involved & Give Back

Students have many opportunities to share their experiences with other students interested in studying abroad.