Alondra Class-Hernández

Top Five Reasons to Select the Program

  • Location: I've always wanted to visit London, and to be able to get the chance to live there was a big factor in me selecting this program.
  • Internship Opportunity: As a politics major with a concentration in world politics, this internship opportunity seemed perfect for me to learn more about world politics from a hands-on approach.
  • Culture: London is a diverse city in which I would be able to experience different cultures.
  • Travel: London is a city from which I would be able to travel to other European countries with ease.
  • Learning Experience: From a personal standpoint, I wanted to go to a place where I would grow both personally and professionally, and London was the best opportunity for me to do that.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Went

I wish I would have known that for our internship we would be working very closely with our MP (member of parliament) and other members of the staff.

A Funny Story or Situation

During my first day I needed to go to the bathroom, so I asked my supervisor where it was. She gave me a weird look for about a minute and then just said, "What's a bathroom?" Stunned, I stood there; my face turned red and I tried to explain what I meant. She then said, "Ohhhh, you mean the loo!" Hearing this I just look at her confused and we proceeded to just laugh for about five minutes. After that, every time I would go to the "loo" we would share a laugh. It was also a good icebreaker because we became more relaxed around each other and bonded.

Host Country's Culture

Diverse, accepting, helpful, fun!


I really enjoyed my classes because all of them were designed to help me with different aspects of my abroad experience. My favorite class was one about Brexit with Dr. Jonathan Boyd. Sometimes Professor Matthew Goodwin would guest lecture as well. Both of them taught me so much about Brexit and I really enjoyed their lectures and discussions.


I lived in an apartment with three roommates. In the apartment complex were students from other US universities who were studying abroad as well. I recommend the housing I stayed in because it was safe, clean, and the location was perfect. It was across the street from Waterloo Station (metro, train, and buses) and a short walk to Parliament, the London Eye, and other attractions.

Advice for Future Students

My only advice would be to really organize yourself in a way in which you can travel, study, and also spend time in London. While traveling through Europe is one of the main perks of this program, make sure to take time to be in London during the weekends and really explore and get to know the city.