Ryan Winn


London is one of the most historic and politically significant cities in the world. During my semester in the United Kingdom I had the opportunity to intern in one of the oldest governments still in existence and the chief ally of the United States abroad. As an integral part of my Member of Parliament's (MP's) staff I had the chance to interact with constituents, draft speeches, attend hearings, and work with elected officials on a daily basis. One of the most exciting parts of my experience abroad was the chance to work on a Parliamentary General Election Campaign and to move to my MP's constituency for a short time.

When not working in the House of Commons I explored the incredible sights in London such as Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, had a few pints in the oldest pubs in the world, and the bevy of museums across the city (not to mention the nightlife!). I also had the chance to travel extensively across England and visited several other European nations. Its hard to describe just how exciting it truly is to spend four months making your way in a foreign land, meeting incredible new people, and seeing first hand the operation of another nation.

Student Profile:

Major: Politics

Hometown: North Attleboro, MA

Program: British Parliament Internship

Term Abroad: Spring 2010

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